Belated Easter Bunny


Whoops, have I really not posted anything since Leap Day?! It isn’t because I haven’t been doing anything. In fact, I’ve been busier than ever lately! So I really have some catching up to do here! So we’ll start with this lil’ bun from Easter. This was just a quick little guy I painted that morning. So fluffy!

A bicycle built for two…turtles!



I would say most of the time I’m not that fond of the work I make. I mean I like it, but the disconnect between what’s in my head and what comes out on paper is so large, I’m just never satisfied. But then sometimes I just start something with no idea really where it’s going and I end up with two turtles on a tandem bicycle, and I just love it! Maybe I should wing it more often.




It’s been relatively warm here lately, but I’ve still got snow on the brain. I did a quick little watercolor of the snowy rooftops of Vieux Lyon. When I moved there to study abroad years ago, I stayed in a hostel on top of a hill overlooking the old city for a couple nights before I could move into my apartment. My French was not nearly as good as I had thought and I was so nervous about everything. But one morning I woke up and looked out the window over this scene and fell in love with the city. Vieux Lyon is so cute and charming any time of year, but something about those snowy rooftops just spoke to me. This wonky drawing does it no justice whatsoever, but it was a nice little jaunt down memory lane for me.



So last week a lot of people looked at my blog, and then WordPress shared one of my pieces on twitter, mentioning me in their tweet. Which was awesome, except they got my twitter handle wrong! There is another Ellen Burch, who also lives in Toronto (freaky!), but my twitter handle is actually @ellenmburch. With an “m” in the middle. NOT @ellenburch. You can follow her too because she seems super nice, but if you are looking for me, you can follow me here.


I’m still waiting for a correction, meanwhile the other Ellen Burch got some nice new followers!



Here’s one last piece I was commissioned to do for Christmas. I’m not really sure of the whole story, but somebody’s mother really wanted a painting of two cats playing a duet on the piano. And so here’s what I came up with. I’m still not sure if they are very large cats or if it’s a really small piano. What do you think? catduet